Our Customers Say It Best

Also known as Herring Chiropractic. Great. Place with friendly staff that treat you well. Highly recommended by another Chiropractor who could not see me any more. One of his students works there and he is heavily published and he holds his student in extreme high regards.

Milton S, Rancho Bernardo, CA

All the kindness and considerations you and your wonderful staff have expressed to me over the last few very trying years should be acknowledged. Your office staff has been efficient and caring. Your doctors and yourself have always been the best example of highly trained, experienced, and perceptive professionals.

My experience with Workman’s Comp has been a great challenge for me, especially all the documentation, and deliberate efforts to get the kind of treatment I needed for my accident. You have been especially diligent and proactive in getting the needed surgery and follow up care. I feel I am very indebted to you and your staff for keeping me apprised of the complicated pathways to follow in order to get appropriate care and compensation for my loss. I am very glad that I have chosen you to be my primary care physician. Even though you could not prescribe the medication I needed, you were able to get a capable surgeon who could. I feel that your expertise in the area of Workman’s Comp have enabled me to survive this ordeal and feel come measure of hope concerning my future medical needs. Your advice has been terrific.

I know I still have a long way to go medically and am optimistic concerning the next steps of my future surgeries and recovery to be a healthy person who can go on long walks and take care of my family. I am confident that you and your staff will continue to be supportive and render appropriate advice.

I feel that I am a part of your office family and that you will always treat me as a member of it. I can not thank you enough for you and your staff’s kindness.


Wonderful Establishment I've never had a better experience at any other chiropractors office. The staff are all so welcoming and friendly. They all seem to know what they are doing and are very good at it too! It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely return to this place again.

San Diego, CA